Our data and analytics solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of young athletes. 

Science of Sports in Football Academies
Here is how it works:

We collaborate with club academies to collect video footage of matches and events involving young players. Our team ensures that high-quality footage is obtained, capturing key moments and player actions during the games.

Once the video footage is collected, our team of sports analysts and data scientists analyze each match. They thoroughly analyze the footage, examining various aspects of the game such as player movements, tactical formations, technical skills, and strategic decisions. This analysis process typically takes 2-3 days to ensure a detailed and accurate assessment.

Based on the analysis, we generate individual reports that provide a wealth of valuable information. These reports include essential player information, such as match appearances, goals scored, assists, passing accuracy, defensive actions, fouls committed, and disciplinary records. Additionally, the reports feature advanced visualizations, such as heat maps and positional analysis, which provide insights into the player's positioning and involvement on the field. Individual performance ratings are also included to give players a comprehensive overview of their performance. Video footage of the players actions are also included in the reports and with a click of a button a player can watch all is main actions in the specific game.

The player, parents or third parties (coaches, scouters, agents, sports journalists, etc.) can visit our website www.scienceofsports.net and can purchase an IPR for the game or games of their choice out of the 26 games of the season. The IPRs are then sent directly to the buyers via email in 3 days after the order.